The revolutionary box and refill concept for pipette tips

Read on to discover more about our refill revolution. Try it yourself and be impressed by the sophisticated design details, new functions, and advantages!

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One system – four options

We have been manufacturing pipette tips for over 45 years. Combining our many years of experience, technical competence and our state-of-the-art production machines, we have developed an innovative and flexible new refill system. This system is guaranteed to meet all your requirements and applications, is robust and resource-saving as well as safe and reliable.

Die Pipettenspitzen-Box, ein universales Werkzeug für Ihr Labor

The Box – universal & robust

The use of pipettes is pivotal in every laboratory. The improved SARSTEDT pipette tip box is the universal and robust solution at the heart of our new pipette tip system. Thanks to a resistant laser treatment on each tray, you can read important information such as volume, batch or shelf life reliably, conveniently and quickly. The box is the core element of our tip system.


Pivotal. Reliable. Convenient.

Versatile tool

The robust box is the essential tool in your laboratory. Do you prefer to work directly from a pre-loaded box? Do you like to use ecological refill systems? Or would you rather load your tips yourself? The box is the basis for your preferred tip handling.

Space-saving stacking system

The precise lid and base design makes it easier to stack several boxes on top of each other. Compact and stable, the new tip boxes are perfect for storage.

Secure closure

The precisely fitting closure mechanism makes the box a reliable everyday companion. Tightly sealed, it also withstands harsh conditions during transport, storage and autoclaving.


Smooth surfaces – slippery boxes? Then try out our rubber feet available as an additional accessory. Simply attach to the base to provide maximum stability on any laboratory bench.


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The SingleRefill – ecological & sterile

Sustainability is an important topic in today’s society. With the new SARSTEDT SingleRefill you can now refill filter tips easily and economically. The closed design protects the pipette tips from contamination and allows hygienic and ecological refilling. The SingleRefill is the sustainable solution for your laboratory.

Der SingelRefill zum Auffüllen Ihrer Pipettenspitzenbox

Sustainable. Protected. Sterile

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Maximum protection

The interconnection of the base and lid protects the tips entirely from contamination – even after removing the packaging film. The SingleRefill can easily be placed into the box with maximum hygiene and protection.

Totally sterile

The high-purity refill system is particularly suitable for very demanding applications. Finally you can refill filter tips easily – even in our highest purity standard Biosphere® plus!

Uncompromising ecology

The innovative design uses up to 41% less material than the box. This lightweight design saves energy and resources. All parts of the SingleRefill can be stacked for disposal – this results in even less waste volume with maximum purity!


Volume, batch and shelf life – are laser coated on each tray and this valuable information can still be read even when moved into the box! The proven and well-known volume color code helps you find the tip you are looking for at a glance.

The StackPack – economical & compact

High sample throughput requires efficiency. For years, the SARSTEDT StackPack has been the optimal solution for high tip throughputs. You can simply move individual trays into the box with just one hand. Thanks to the compact and sturdy design, you can also work with tips directly from the StackPack. The innovative StackPack is the efficient work solution.

Der StackPack, ein durchdachtes Stecksystem, welches Lagerplatz spart

Efficient. Stable. Economical.


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Economical stacking system

The sophisticated stacking system offers compact space for 480 tips – at just the height of two boxes. This saves 70% storage space and uses only the footprint of one box!

Stable protection

The circumferential frames protect the tips from contamination. Their solid construction forms the strong backbone of the StackPack. Thanks to the clearly marked pressure points on the sides, the removal of individual trays is easy.


The StackPack ensures that the trays are firmly anchored to each other for extraordinary stability. Even if dropped or tipped over, it won’t come apart.


Large throughput, many tips – no problem! Simply use tips directly from the StackPack. The StackPack remains stable at all times due to its firm stand and stable frame.

Der Beutel, bei Bedarf füllen Sie damit Ihre Spitzenboxen wieder auf

The Bag –
the economical

Total flexibility is an indispensable tool. SARSTEDT pouch packaging is the cost-effective alternative. The simple pressure closure allows you to open and close the bag hygienically while the additional tamper-evident closure guarantees that the tips are contamination-free until use. The bag is the economical and flexible processing solution.


Hygienic. Affordable. Flexible

Convenient closure
The strong bag can be hygienically resealed. This means you can refill your tip boxes as needed.
Secure sealing

The additional tamper-evident closure guarantees the tips are free of DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors until use.

Coloured variants

The yellow and blue options of the 200 µl and 1000 µl tips makes fast identification of both tips even easier!

A full box – quick & easy

Tray removal

Tray tauschen: Seitliche Clips der Box drücken

Squeeze the side clips.

Pipettenspitzen-Tray anheben

Lift the tray up and out...

Pipettenspitzen-Tray entsorgen

...and it’s ready for compact disposal.

Inserting the SingleRefill

SingleRefill komplett einsetzen

Insert the complete SingleRefill into the box.

Mit leichtem Druck einrasten

Lightly push it into place.

Den Deckel entfernen

Remove the cover and continue working.

Filling from the StackPack

StackPack mittig eindrücken

Press the front and rear pressure points.

StackPack nach oben herausheben

Lift out upwards.

StackPack einsetzen, einrasten und weiterarbeiten

Insert into the box and snap into place. Remove cover and continue working.

The refill revolution – sustainable & environmentally conscious

Energy saving

Our box system combines exceptionally high stability with minimum material requirements. The impressive design saves plastic and thus also energy during production.


In the StackPack, 480 tips fit in the same space as 192 tips in two boxes. This saves storage space, optimizes logistics, and reduces fuel consumption during transport!


The StackPack with its ideal packaging requires up to 64% less material than the box. This saves resources, and plastic consumption is minimized.

Saves waste

After use, the individual components of the box system can be stacked on top of each other. This saves volume during disposal meaning the amount of waste is reduced.

Unser neues Pipettenspitzen-Programm - Nachhaltig und Umweltbewusst

It’s your choice.

By choosing the right system for you, it means you’ll always remain flexible. You can select our practical tip solutions according to your wishes and requirements – both ecological and economical!

Convenient & tested


Our pipette tips are as versatile as your applications. You can choose between filter tips, low retention tips and tips without filters. We guarantee you will find the optimum tip length and shape for every requirement.


Each batch is checked in detail visually, dimensionally and functionally. An independent laboratory confirms that the limit values of Biosphere® plus and PCR Performance Tested certification are met. Our batch certificates document this testing and release process.


It is important to use pipette tips that meet the international ISO 8655-2 testing standard, especially in certified, accredited or GMP laboratories.
Our conformity certificates verify the regular inspection of this standard.


SARSTEDT tips are CE marked and approved as an in vitro diagnostic product. They can be used for the analysis of samples for diagnostic purposes.


SARSTEDT tips fit universally on the pipettes of leading manufacturers.
It means it is no longer a problem to use several pipette types in the laboratory.

Certified & reliable

PCR Performance Tested

Whether in the box, SingleRefill, StackPack or Bag – all new SARSTEDT tips carry the PCR Performance Tested seal and can be used immediately for all areas of DNA and RNA analysis.

Added security

biosphere plus certified
The new Biosphere® plus SingleRefill combines the outstanding purity of the SARSTEDT tips with the convenient and economical box system.


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