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Refill Revolution pipette tips

The revolutionary boxing and re-filling concept for pipette tips


Discover the Refill Revolution – the revolutionary boxing and re-filling system for pipette tips and filter tips. Be amazed by the practical functions and discover the impressive advantages. Order your free samples.


Save storage space


Save material!


For over 45 years, we have been manufacturing tailor-made pipette tips. Based on this experience as well as our technical competence and using ultra-modern production methods, we have developed a revolutionary re-filling system for you. Suited to your applications and workflow. Robust and resource-sparing. Safe and reliable.

The Refill Revolution – operate in a sustainable & environmentally conscious manner

  • Save energy

    Our box system combines particularly high stability with minimal material costs. The sophisticated design uses less plastic – and thus also less energy in production!
  • Save space

    In the StackPack, 480 tips need as much space as 192 tips in 2 boxes. This saves storage space and optimises logistics – and thus also fuel consumption during transport.
  • Save resources

    For the production of the StackPack with its ideal packaging, up to 64% less material is required than for the box. This conserves resources – minimising plastic consumption!
  • Save waste

    After use, the individual components of the box system can fit into each other. This saves disposal volume – reducing waste generation!
  • The Choice is Yours

    Always stay flexible when choosing the right system for you. Our practical tip solutions can be selected according to your wishes and requirements – ecological and economical!

The revolutionary boxing and re-filling concept for pipette tips

SARSTEDT’s pipette tip re-filling system is impressive thanks to its many new functions, such as the laser-treated trays, secure grip on particularly slippery surfaces and the opportunity to work in a particularly environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner.


Versatile. Compact. Safe.

Box for pipette tips from SARSTEDT

The Box

Pipetting is the central element in every laboratory. The further developed SARSTEDT pipette tip box is a universal and robust solution at the heart of our new pipette tip system.

Thanks to a resilient laser treatment on each tray, you can view important information such as volume, batch or durability reliably, conveniently and quickly. The box is at the heart of our tip system.

Versatile material

The robust box is the universal tool in your laboratory. Do you prefer to work directly from a pre-loaded box? Do you like using ecological re-filling systems? Or do you prefer to load your tips yourself? 

The box is the basis for every work method.


Space-saving stacking system

The coordinated design of the lid and base allow multiple boxes to be stacked on top of one another. This allows the pipette tip boxes to be stored in a compact and space-saving manner.

Secure cap

The practical cap mechanism secures the box – once securely closed, it can withstand even rough conditions during transport, storage and autoclaving.

Sustainable. Protected. Hygienic.

The SingleRefill

Sustainability is a must for today’s society. With the new SARSTEDT SingleRefill, you can now also refill filter tips easily and using fewer resources.

The closed design protects the pipette tips from contamination and thus enables hygienic and ecological refilling.

The SingleRefill is the solution for your sustainable laboratory.


Filterspitzen in Boxen nachfüllen

Maximum protection

The optimal connection between the base and the lid protects the tips from contamination all around – even after the packaging film has been removed. In this way, the SingleRefill can easily be transferred to the box. For maximum hygiene and safety.

Highest purity

The high-purity refill system is particularly suitable for very demanding applications. Finally, you can also refill filter tips without difficulty – even in our highest-purity standard Biosphere® plus!

Uncompromising ecology

The innovative design requires up to 41% less material than the box. This lightweight design saves energy and resources. All parts of the SingleRefill are stackable for disposal – this results in even lower waste volumes while ensuring maximum purity!

Efficient. Stable. Economical.

Stacked pipette tips in a Stackpack and filter tips as SingleRefill

The StackPack

High sample throughput requires efficiency. SARSTEDT’s StackPack has been the optimal solution for high tip throughputs for years. The tips come in racks – you can transfer individual trays to the box with one hand.

Thanks to the racks’ compact and stable design, you can also process the tips directly from the StackPack. The StackPack is a true milestone for efficient work.


Economical stacking system

The compact stacking system offers space for 480 tips – at a height of two boxes. This saves 70% storage space on the area of only one single box!

Stable protection

The surrounding frames protect the tips from contamination and form the basis of the StackPack’s solid design. The clearly marked pressure points on the sides make it easy to remove individual trays.

Robust fall protection

The firm anchoring of the trays to one another secures the StackPack even in the case of small, everyday accidents. The stable design easily prevents tipping or falling over.

Hygienic. Affordable. Flexible.

The Bag

SARSTEDT’s bag packaging for pipette tips is the affordable solution.

The pressure seal allows you to open and close the stable bag hygienically. This allows you to gradually re-fill your pipette boxes manually. The additional tamper-evident cap gives you the assurance that the tips are free of DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors until used.

The yellow and blue colours of the 200 µl and 1000 µl tips make rapid identification of the two tips even easier!


Pouch packaging for pipette tips
Zwei Hände halten die Sarpette

Perfect Match! The Sarpette® M pipettor is the perfect match for SARSTEDT’s pipette tip range.

SARSTEDT has finally further developed and optimised pipetting with the Sarpette® M. The Sarpette® M has first and foremost been designed for user-friendliness, with the uniquely placed ejection button allowing for a particularly ergonomic workflow. The highly precise handling, low weight and high-quality workmanship set the benchmark for your day-to-day laboratory work. 

Ultimately, the Sarpette® M pipette is impressive thanks to its excellent performance at a very attractive price and can be delivered immediately.


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